Frequently Asked Question

If your project calls for an architect and/or designer, we can get you in touch with one of our team members. However, we’ll also be happy to work with you. Additionally, you can be confident that the design assistance we provide comes from recognized industry leaders since our designers stay up to date with the most recent design trends.

Each of our clients, in our opinion, is a unique person with their preferences, sense of fashion, and personality. Instead of letting our clients choose finishes that we have already decided upon, we would like to give them the freedom to express themselves in their construction projects.

Architectural plans and drawings with modifications, engineer calculations, the estimating process, zoning and building department approvals, and material selections may all be necessary for construction and development projects. We advise that you meet with our general contractor at least three (3) months before the project’s desired start date.

It solely depends upon your needs. Cost is defined by the project plans and the market rates of the materials. It is advisable to collaborate with our qualified and experienced general contractor to create a precise estimate to establish construction costs and timetable.

You can count on best-in-class service, open communication, and a reliable source for all of your construction needs when you deal with OM Development & Construction. At OM Development & Construction, we uphold a strict code of honor. The principles of this code are to put people first, behave honorably, and pursue excellence. Simply put, we strive to be a valued partner for our clients and are passionate about what we do.

The time needed to finish a construction project varies because each one is different in size and scope. We’ll give you a timeframe and keep you updated frequently on the progress of your project. The schedule is also impacted by your participation in some work-related decisions.

With any construction endeavor, not everything is seen until it is exposed. Every exception we notice is thoroughly communicated, and you are involved in the procedure and solution. Before we make any modifications, we discuss them with you and get your approval before moving further.

Our services can be used completely or in part. We prefer to get involved with your project as early in the planning stage as feasible to be most effective. This enables us to find chances for time and money savings as well as other value-added benefits by utilizing our experience. Speak with one of our building professionals to find out which services will be most beneficial for your project.

OM Development & Construction specializes in high-end hospitality, restaurant, and retail construction and has experience in single and multi-family, luxury residential building, and commercial construction.

OM Development & Construction adopts a people-first approach to construction. We want our clients to choose OM Development & Construction for their commercial projects because they believe we can give our best for their projects. This means we take time to understand our clients, their requirements, and what’s essential to them. For us, customer satisfaction is our foremost priority.